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  1. limited partner

    • n.
      a partner in a company or venture who receives limited profits from the business and whose liability toward its debts is legally limited to the extent of his or her investment.
    • noun: limited partner, plural noun: limited partners

  2. 知識+

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      ...一般合夥人(General Partner)與一人(含)以上之有限合夥人(Limited Partner),依據合夥契約共同組成。在財務責任方面,,「一般合夥人」為企業負責人...

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      ... in land investment? 對土地投資有興趣? Advantades of being a LIMITED PARTNER 做為一個限額合夥人的好處 Invest in a high quality lake view development 投資...

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      ...bachelor, 我只是個單身男子I'm lookin' for a partner 我在尋找另一伴Someone who knows how...口語】 got to Takes me to my limits 幫助我了解更深層的自己 (令我了解自己的極限) * 查詢...