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    • 我的英文翻譯軟體翻的我不懂阿!幫幫我

      ...well diversified, so I could observe the sequence of entry among several lines of business and perform analyses at the line-of-business level, one level down from the firm...

    • 財務會計的英文該如何翻譯?

      ...常規交易 2. The transaction must be either for cash or in the company's main line of business. 此交易必須以現金或與公司的主要商務營運有關 3. Losses from the disposal...

    • 英文達人快來救救我!!急需要!!

      ...both. Firms may diversify to reduce the risk associated with a particular line of business or to even out cyclical earnings, such as might occur in a utility’s acquisition...