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      ... to judge, what instance is to draw the line of demarcation between novelty and craziness. 誰是判斷,什麼事例是画... problem but should not influence the basic definition of creativity. 這內在審查或者外部一由一個保守的觀點...

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      ...story appear bear plot it comes to be for help child can drawing a clear line of demarcation with negative personality speciality strong miserably, it is second...

    • 幫忙翻譯....徵求英文高手大大

      成員有制度的競技問題被設計是教育問題的整體部分。學生運動員是考慮作為學生總稱的整體部分, 如此維護分界一條清楚的線在學院競技和職業體育之間。