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    • 什麼是pay-as-you go pension?

      pay-as-you-go 這個詞的意思簡單來說,  1. [美] 按時付帳單,帳單到期即付  2. 領到工資即付所得稅...資產分配、投資及移轉的過程。隨收隨付制的退休所得來源則來自於稅賦的課徵,今日退休者的退休金由目前工作者負擔,而...

    • 什麼是P's andQ's

      .... Bartenders would use tally marks i.e. 4pints equal a quart, if the customer got out of line, the bartender woulduse the phrase, mind your p's and q's. I have also heard the customer woulduse it when...

    • 麻煩英文達人幫我翻譯這個段落和解釋它是什麼意思好嗎?

      ...paste into Yahoo Answers, many times the end of a line would be 'stuck' with the next line without the space required, such as the "moodchanges" above .. It should be "mood ...