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    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯...一小段話

      The on-line shopping method of payment not outside be divided into the two major type, the biggest type is a traditional business method of payment another a major type is an electronics method of payment. Traditional...

    • 有關於日本浴衣的文章(英文翻譯問題)

      ...wear clothes similar by other Japan tradition, bathrobe have to sew up with the wide clothing sleeve straight line. But different from grander kimono, the bathrobe is made of cotton quality but not silk quality or...

    • 我想將一個夢境內容 中文翻成英文

      ...是不是正在通話中,沒想到正要撥出,哥哥已先行掛掉電話 I wanted to call my friend and see if the line was busy, but my brother hang up before I did. 後來我離開外婆家,一邊撥電話給我朋友,一邊...