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    • 直接成本與間接成本(原文)

      ...transportation costs for shipping the Presario line of products to a retail chain 把Presario...from outside supplier to be used with Compaq printers 從外部供應商採購來用於康柏印表機的纜線成本 - 直接...

    • 下列這些日常用品的特徵【英文】(形容詞)

      ..., and is neither part of the cartridge of the printer is not in the case. So you can you think that... toll 6. Too lazy to clean the helmet lining people 7 Worried about the helmet cause hair crisis 8...

    • 關於EDI的標籤印表機方面英文問題, the Z4M printer of EDI when they print labels have white line in the barcode I try clear printer but the same problem. I think the print head has problem need change new...