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    • 請幫我修改一下我的英文心得 her boyfriend. She also find a friend who understand her own language,Ron, slowly communicate using hands and lips, ignore your natural disease: deafness, how joyful is that ? I have a...

    • 請幫忙翻譯一下這段話

      Children who hear acquire language without any particular effort;the words that fall from others' lips they catch on the wing, as it were, delightedly, while, the little deaf child must trap...

    • 請英文達人幫忙檢查一下~~ and 應翻成和它種魚類及人類有所不同 2.“red” of sign language is that touch lip more time 「红色」的手语表达是多次触碰下嘴唇 more time 是指停留多一點時間...