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  1. liquid assets


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    • 何謂 Liquid Investor access and withdraw funds (such as a savings account). See liquid asset. . Definition of Liquid Asset : Cash and other...

    • 我想問\”house poor\”是什麼意思??

      ... by the mere fact that you are owning a property, your monthly liquid assets are fairly tight. eg. The mortgage will be twice that of my current...

    • 請英文高手幫忙翻譯下列段落.謝謝.

      銀行團正致力於藉由持有充足的適量優質流通性資產, 以達到控管流動風險的目標; 因此可確保在謹慎限縮下,足以應付短天期基金的需求, 而且即使約滿到期貶值也不會有顯著的風險.