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  1. liquor cabinet

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    • 關於家具和電器用品的英文單字

      ...CABINET指的是很大或者很深的櫃子 櫃子有分: CLOTHES CLOSET衣櫃 LIQUOR CLOSET酒櫃 MONITOR CLOSET/CABINET電視櫃 等等 書櫃 bookcase/SHELVES,BOOKCASE指的是書匣,一般辦公室...

    • 可以幫我翻譯以下英文~(跪求!!!)

      ...damage. 3. The personal effects please lay aside in set in the cabinet, cannot pile up in the gymnasium. 4. In after food latter hour, liquor, or the serious sleep insufficiency, cannot use the home court; In movement...