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    • 如何翻譯這句英文標題??*(急)*

      ... 可理解性 / 可辨識度 modified speech 經過修飾的話音或講話 young listeners with normal and impaired hearing 正常聽力及弱聽青少年 整句話可...

    • 可以幫忙我翻譯一段話嗎?要中翻英的…

      A small-minded listener is always obsessed with the tone of phrasing when ... and keep it in mind. 2008-09-17 12:16:39 補充: A open-minded listener --> An open-minded listener

    • beV+N+offered

      What are listeners offered? 聽者被提供了什麼? offer 是「提供」的意思。不過這句話直接用被動式翻譯有點洋味,用主動說法就是問究竟「提供什麼給聽者?」