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  1. little

    • IPA[ˈlɪtl]



    • adj.
    • det
      很少的; 微不足道的; 很小的
    • pron.
    • adv.
    • in a
    • 比較級:littler 最高級:littlest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • adj.
    • 1. 小的

      a little house/dog 小屋/小狗

      a little old lady 小老太太

    • 2. 年幼的

      my little ones 我年幼的孩子們

      the polar bear and her little ones 那頭北極熊和牠的幼崽

    • 3. 不明顯的; 微弱的

      a shy little smile 一絲羞怯的笑

    • 4. 討厭的

      she's a snobbish little woman 她是個勢利小人

      a poky little flat 簡陋狹窄的公寓

    • 5. 很短的; 小的

      a little nap/break 小睡/短暫的休息

      to walk a little way 走一小段路

    • det
    • 1. 很少的; 微不足道的; 很小的

      he speaks little German 他幾乎不會說德語

      there's so little time 時間很緊

    • pron.
    • 1. 一點

      to taste a little of sth. 嘗一小口某物

      a little of the money 這筆錢的很少一部分

    • adv.
    • 1. 很少

      she visits them as little as possible 她儘量不拜訪他們

    • 2. 幾乎不

      to be little changed 幾乎沒有改變

      to be little better 好不了多少

    • 3. 完全不

      I little thought or supposed that ... 我根本不認為…

      little do you know! 你完全想不到!

    • in a
    • 1. 有點

      to be a little (bit) anxious at sth. 對某事有點焦慮

      a little less/more ... 更少/更多一點…

    • 2. 漸漸地
    • 3. 僅僅

      it cost as little as £60 它只要60英鎊

      I like Luna as little as you do 我和你一樣不喜歡盧娜


    1. hardly or not at all


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    • little.small ~??

      little ---1.small in size or amount   2.young   3. not much or enough1. 小的;小巧可愛的The little dog followed the boy everywhere.那條小狗到處都跟著那男孩。2. 短暫的...

    • little Ivy 你好~ It is sad that little was done to save the poor dogs in the city from being...

    • little&small怎用???

      Little: 1.Small in size: a little dining room. See Synonyms at small. 2.Short in extent or duration; brief: There is little time left. 3.Small in quantity or degree: little money. 4.Unimportant...