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    • 一點點,少許,一會兒,短時間小的,很少的,幼小的,瑣碎的,短暫的
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    • little.small ~??

      little ---1.small in size or amount   2.young   3. not much or enough1. 小的;小巧可愛的The little dog followed the boy everywhere.那條小狗到處都跟著那男孩。2. 短暫的...

    • little Ivy 你好~ It is sad that little was done to save the poor dogs in the city from being...

    • little&small怎用???

      Little: 1.Small in size: a little dining room. See Synonyms at small. 2.Short in extent or duration; brief: There is little time left. 3.Small in quantity or degree: little money. 4.Unimportant...