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  1. little people


    • plural
      the ordinary people in a country, organization, etc. who do not have much power.;small supernatural creatures such as fairies and leprechauns.
    • noun: the little people, plural noun: little people

  2. 知識+

    • (20點)超急!求英文演講稿關於”貓”的

      ... tend to think of our cats as furry little people who walk on all fours and speak in some exotic foreign... are not dogs, nor are they little people - they ACT like cats Address behavior...

    • 國中英文問題 people~

      ... cellphone number to my best friends, just ________people know about it . (A) little (B) a few (C) any (D) most 因為我只把手機號碼給我最要好...

    • people think of only句子翻譯

      as 當成 the same as... 整句翻譯: 一般人只把小女孩和玩洋娃娃聯想在一起! 也可這樣說: People think only little girls play with dolls. 一般人認為只有小女孩才玩洋娃娃.