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  1. live in the past

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    • 請問幾題英文文法問題

      ...許多地方的人,活得比過往的人久」為了使文章讀起來更精簡所以就用did 去代替lived. 因為in the past 這個時間副詞片語在此,後面這個句子就必須用過去式。而前一句的時間是now...

    • 給點essay的意見

      In the past, sons lived with their parents after they got...go out to work and husbands stayed at home. In the past, families eat at home, but nowadays, people eat out very...

    • 1個英文文法的問題 longer lives now] than [people lived long lives in the past]. lived long lives以did代替,所以答案是did。 整句話:「現在世界各地...