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  1. live something out

    • do in reality that which one has imagined;spend the rest of one's life in a particular place or particular circumstances
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    • do in reality that which one has thought or dreamed about

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    • 這句歌詞什麼意思

      wear something out 把某物重複使用到損壞 ex I have been wearing the same belt for 25 years, and it is worn out until now. 我這條皮帶用了25年 到現在才損壞 所以用在歌詞裡 ======> 把你...

    • what kind of 可否如此用

      應該修正為: Then, we'll figure out what kinds of people are living in the house. kind 需用複數較佳

    • 老師給我一串英文~可以幫我翻譯一下?!

      ...做的事,為之去吧,且不要中途放棄直到讓它發生。 If there is something you want to be, do whatever is necessary in order to live out that dream. 假如有一件事是你想要去做的,做之不論需要何物,為了實現那...