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  1. live to fight another day

    • ph.
      survive a particular experience or ordeal
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    • 英文翻譯二十四句 (拜託各位大大,請勿用翻譯網站喔!^^)

      ...很年輕。 50. They know they will have to fight for their lives one day and they have done it too soon. 他們知道...2009-02-10 11:55:05 補充: 51. You must live by the rules of the jungle. 你必須靠規則...

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      ... feet under a “brood pouch” for 72 days! 公企鵝陪伴著企鵝蛋,守在陸路上。他將企鵝蛋放在... Cecil took mental notes to add to his research. 塞西爾叔叔將心中的筆記加到...

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      ...present the advantages of the vegetarian diet; and why is it a good solution to keep you healthy and also protect this planet earth that we live in. First of all, statistics show that vegetarian diet is associated...