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    live up to one's reputation

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    • I like to live up high..這句是什麼意

      ...辜負 You must live up to your promise. 你必須實踐自己的諾言。 2. live up to ones reputation 才是揚眉吐氣。

    • 可是否修改一下這篇文章

      ... people who was borne by poor family will value money much, will be very since childhood poor, grow up later to money unusual regarding, but on the contrary, Andy depreciates it instead to benefit unusual ...

    • 英翻中 20點急ˊ

      ...但它達到了新文化卓越以敲打的誕生在五十年代並且嬉皮在60, 當描繪1967's "夏天愛" 音樂、抗議、叛亂和, 當然, 藥物的融合接管了Haight...