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    live with oneself

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    • 簡單的英文發問

      ...如soon打成soom),也沒加逗點和句點,但從前後文可判意思是這樣的: i got one living with my parents 我先前養了一隻(貓)現在和我父母同住 and two ...

    • 怎麼翻I Can Live With That貼切地翻

      ...接受 " = I can accept that. 所以,在語氣和程度上有差別。 英文解釋 live with: To put up with; resign oneself to: disliked the situation but had to live with it. 大約就是上頭所...

    • 英文演講題目

      ... title is“ If you were given a chance to have one day . to live with a celebrity, who would you choose? . What would you like to do with him...