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  1. liver complaint

    • n.
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    • 舊疾復發的英文怎麼說

      A person who has liver complaint sent to the hospital emergencily because of overdue and excess drinking. 照翻然後加些字讓字面更完整, 翻錯、翻的不好或是拼錯字,還請高手指教

    • 一題原文的統計題目,請幫忙翻譯!謝謝

      ...quot; service, received a large number of complaints. A change in the handling of orders... per picker was 2.0, the mail-order house lived up to its goal. 因為每筆採集的未履行訂單...

    • 書信修改:It's really nice to hear

      ...已經沒有在下雨了,可以單純的用過去式來說 it rained for a long time) (complaint 是名詞,你所想表達的是動詞,所以要用complain) (如果使用 it rained...