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  1. loaded question

    • ph.
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    • What is the meaning of loads

      ... face look like this. Usually, the meaning of load refers to "the amount", or the act of putting... this helps you understand, if you have any further question, please ask me.

    • FireFox wont load??

      你看得懂中文嗎? 如果你看得懂,那麼你可以詳述你的電腦是為何當機嗎? 畢竟沒來頭的問了人家也不好幫你... 或者你也可以直接到moztw.org去問? 那裡有很多既懂電腦又會英文的人會很熱心的幫助你地XD!! Could you know chinese? Can you tell me what cause...

    • A math question 解答贈點: 5

      ...of my blog. 2008-04-18 12:14:30 補充: OK. Go here to down load my file: