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  1. lobster pot


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    • 2006/7/3的聯合報紐約週報

      ...those of so many creatures we eat. They don’t thrash like the lobster in its scalding pot, but should we nonetheless worry about how they meet their end? And whether...

    • 關於Lynchburg restauant

      ... meal cost: $25 Favorite meal: LOBSTERS, SHRIMPS, SPAGHETTI Restaurant...meal cost: $15 Favorite meal: OMELET, POT ROAST, FRENCH CREPE ...

    • 英文菜單?

      ...sour boneless yellow fish 沙鍋獅子頭 pork balls in earthen-pot 脆皮乳豬 roasted suckling pig with crisp skin...and duck's blood with hot sause 蜜汁火腿 honey ham 乾燒龍蝦 lobster with chili sause 開洋白菜 cabbage with dried shrimps...