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  1. loiter

    • IPA[ˈlɔɪtə]


    • v.
      stand or wait around without apparent purpose;walk slowly and with no apparent purpose; dawdle
    • verb: loiter, 3rd person present: loiters, gerund or present participle: loitering, past tense: loitered, past participle: loitered

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    • ph.
      stand or wait around with the intention of committing an offence

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ˈloidər]


    • v.
      stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose: she saw Mary loitering near the cloakrooms

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • loitering和那個字相近?

      loiter (動詞)閒逛,遊蕩 (D)loafing (A)bustling .(形容詞)忙碌的,喧鬧的 (B)sleeping  睡覺 (C)meddling 干涉 (D)loafing 遊蕩 閒逛 / 一塊,一條/虛度 希望有幫到你

    • 請幫我中翻英~這些都是我不懂的問題~謝謝

      ...price 3.Many students a while the lesson run toward the net cafe, and loiter over there for quite a few hours 4.But usually neglect lessons...

    • 中翻英整句標準~急(10點)

      他們出沒在不高級的和令人毛骨悚然的地方 They loiter/stroll around at filthy/obscene and terrifying/frightening/horrible ...