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  1. look

    • IPA[lo͝ok]


    • v.
      direct one's gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction;(of a building or room) have a view or outlook in a specified direction
    • n.
      an act of directing one's gaze in order to see someone or something;an expression of a feeling or thought by directing one's gaze
    • excl
      used to call attention to what one is going to say
    • verb: look, 3rd person present: looks, gerund or present participle: looking, past tense: looked, past participle: looked

    • noun: look, plural noun: looks

    • 釋義
    • 片語




    • 1. used to call attention to what one is going to say Look, this is ridiculous.”
  2. 知識+

    • 請問 look有什麼相關片語

      look about 四處觀看 look about for 到處搜查 look after 照顧 look ahead 瞻前;未雨綢繆 look alike...look around 觀光;仔細察看 look as if 看起來好像 look at 看;注視 look away 轉臉看別處 look back 回想;追憶;畏縮 look back on 回憶 look...

    • look 疑問~

      look 後面要加現在進行式 可是為什麼也可以不加,如下: Look! He likes the picture. 答:1.如別人...如果題目換成: 我當時看到他在接球. 即 I looked he was catching the ball. 這時候就...

    • Looking forward 還是Look forward

      Looking forward 、Look forward 跟Looked forward 各用在哪個時態呢 Looking...分詞構句, 常見於早期商業書信的信尾客氣致候句, 就是採分詞構句的形式, 例如: Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we remain yours faithfully. 靜候回音同時...