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  1. look after

    • ph.
      照顧, 照看;目送
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    • 1. 照顧, 照看 What are you looking after? 你在找什麼? He's good at looking after his own interests. 他很會照顧自己的利益。
    • 2. 目送 They looked after the train as it left the station. 他們目送火車離站。
    • 3. 追求


    照顧, 照看

  2. 知識+

    • Take care of 'n' Look after

      ...the patients very well. 這家醫院將病患照顧得很好。 = The hospital looks after the patients very well. Who's going to take care of the...

    • take care of和look after的差別

      ...much/not to drink too much. 當作「保重」的用法 Good bye, and take care! 而look after的層面來看 He's good at looking after himself/his...

    • Sympathizing with and looking

      Sympathizing with and looking after our street friends is one thing...及物動詞時,其意思與所跟的介系詞關係密切如本題 look after是"照顧"之意 另還有look at, look on ,look...