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  1. look after

    • vt.
      看護; 養護; 招待;照管; 保管
    • 釋義
    • vt.
    • 1. 看護; 養護; 招待

      look after yourself! 保重!

    • 2. 照管; 保管

      to look after sth. for sb. 為某人照看某物

      to look after the shop/house 看店/看房子

    • 3. 處理; 解決

      to look after customer enquiries 處理客戶諮詢

  2. 知識+

    • Take care of 'n' Look after

      ...the patients very well. 這家醫院將病患照顧得很好。 = The hospital looks after the patients very well. Who's going to take care of the...

    • Sympathizing with and looking

      Sympathizing with and looking after our street friends is one thing...及物動詞時,其意思與所跟的介系詞關係密切如本題 look after是"照顧"之意 另還有look at, look on ,look...

    • 兩題動詞的問題to be looking after...

      如果你試著以中文翻譯了解英語的意思, 那麼 "expect to be looking after" 和 "expect to look after" 或是 "wouldn't be spending...