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  1. look at

    • ph.
      看;檢查, 仔細檢查
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    • ph.
    • 1. 看

      She looked at her baby in her arms. 她看懷抱中的嬰兒。

    • 2. 檢查, 仔細檢查

      He came to look at the drainage. 他是來檢查下水道的。

      Your ankle is badly swollen; I think the doctor ought to look at it. 你的腳腕子腫得很厲害, 我認為得請醫生看看了。

    • 3. 考慮; 研究

      They wouldn't look at my proposal. 他們不願考慮我的建議。

      The implications of the new legislation will need to be looked at. 新法規的含義需研究一下。

    • 4. 觀察; 看待

      The Americans look at life differently from the British. 美國人對生活的看法與英國人不同。

      Looked at from that point of view, the job becomes easy. 從那個觀點看, 這工作就容易了。


    • ph. 由外貌判斷

    • To look at him you'd never think he was a successful businessman. 若看他的外貌, 誰也想不到他是個事業有成的商人。

    • ph. (因懷疑或不滿而)斜著眼睛看; 側目而視; 瞟

    • look askance at the price 對那個價錢側目而視

      She looked at me rather askance when I suggested a swim in the nude. 我提議裸體游泳, 她就瞟了我一眼。

    • ph. 怒視

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    • ph. 斜眼相視,帶著懷疑的目光看

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    • ph. 向下看,俯視

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    • ph.
    • Look at the map, please. 請看這張地圖。


    • ph.
    • Look at the map, please. 請看這張地圖。
    • vt.
    • look at the mess/you! 瞧瞧這一堆亂攤子/你自己!

      to look at sb. doing or do sth. 看某人做某事的樣子

    • ph.

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    • look at you&look at yourself

      Look at you, you are so strange. (O) 看看你,你好奇怪耶! Look at...文法來說,兩句都行。以意思來說,有時沒多大差別。但若有不同的情境,則 look at you 和 look at yourself 意思可能不同。 Look at you 接近中文...

    • look at 文法用法

      ...副詞去修飾 The girls looked happily at their mother. look at 後面有加受詞their mother 所以是普通動詞, 則用副詞happily 來修飾 當...

    • look at,look on,look up的差異

      ...部份,若發問者也有疑,則煩請補充發問。 1. Look at the house. look當做不及物動詞"看"時...Look up! 乃指 "抬頭看",而僅使用 Look ahead! 則指 "向前看",故整句話譯作...