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    • 英文中選合適的介系詞,並且翻譯~急

      1. End your application letter (in) a positive,forward-looking note. 以正面與期盼的註解來最為你這封申請信函的結尾。 2. I would be happy to come for an interview (at) your convenience. 你方便的話我很樂意前往面試 3. Your resume is you(on)paper...

    • 商業英文書信翻譯,各位大大幫忙

      ...年9月15日 45A: 產品: 工廠責任止於台灣和工廠責任止於香港 We look forward to confirmation of this at your earliest convenience. 我們期待您在方便的時間盡早的確認

    • 有人可以幫我改進或糾正英文履歷嗎??

      ...semiconductor company among the world. I am looking for opportunities to work in ... and I would like to have interview with you at your convenience. Thank you for your time for...