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  1. look forward to


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    • 1. 盼望 They are looking forward to her visit. 他們在期待著她的來訪。
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    • look forward to是甚麼意思?

      look forward to 中文意思簡單來說,就是"期待" 而他的英文解釋是"to be happen" (由朗文字典,我覺得用英文解釋會比較精確) 需要注意的是,look forward to 後面要加名詞或動名詞(Ving) 舉例: I'm really looking...

    • look forward to是甚麼意思?

      look forward to 期待,盼望 後面接名詞或動名詞 I'm looking forward to see you. 我很期待見到你 Looking forward to see you there. 期待在那裡見到你 They are looking forward...

    • 除了look forward to+Ving還有其他句子嗎?

      ..../分詞 to Ving的片語) in addition to Ving 除...以外 look forward to Ving 期待 with regard to Ving 關於 with reference to Ving...