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  1. look sth. over

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    • 1. 逐一或逐部分檢查某事物 Here's the mail. I've looked it over. 這批郵件都在這兒。我已逐一查過了。



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    • 英文中分號( ; )的用法

      ...的FreeDictionary,若檢查的是東西,look sth overlook over sth都正確,但檢查的對象是人時... 回到原來的問題: (一) He looked me all over, as if he had been going...

    • 誰可以幫我造英文造句.總共20句.我星期一就要交了.急急急

      ...look to (sb.) for (sth.) They looked to David for his help...大衛能幫忙 provide (sb.) with (sth.) You asked me...混合了蘋果跟柳丁 have control over China doesn’t have control...

    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...盼望 look through識破 look up查詢 諺語:look before you leap三思而後行 get ahead進展...進步 get around逃避、說服 get away from sb/sth逃避 get away with sth逃避懲罰 get back...洩漏、出版 get out of逃避、棄絕 get over恢復、克服 get through結束、完成、遭受...