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  1. look to the future

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    • 1. 考慮未來 Some New Englanders look to the future with a certain anxiety. 有些新英格蘭者懷著一些焦慮考慮未來。



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    • 誰可以幫我用英文介紹陽明山國家公園~~很急拜託!!

      Looking to the Future As modern man seeks to rediscover himself... awareness of living species and the ecology, and so learn to respect and cherish all life. 圖片參考:http://www.ymsnp....

    • 誰可已幫我用中文翻譯這段話~拜託!!

      I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest ofmy life. 我想 ofmy 應該改為 of my 吧 如此一來意思為 我要放眼未來,因為那是我將要度過我的有生之年的地方。

    • 個人績效summary中翻英

      Thanks boss of care and support and encouragement this year, looking to the future, I hope can continue to strengthen laws and risk control knowledge and xuanda...