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  1. look up

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      仰視;【口】(指商業、某人的前景等)轉好, 改善
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    • 1. 仰視 She looked up (from her book) as I entered the room. 我進屋時, 她(放下書)抬眼看了看。 Schoolboys usually look up to great athletes. 男學生一般很欽佩運動名將。
    • 2. 【口】(指商業、某人的前景等)轉好, 改善 Inflation is coming down; unemployment is coming down; things are definitely looking up! 通貨膨脹正在緩解, 失業情形正在改善, 形勢確實已好轉。
    • 3. 查詢 If you don't know a word, you can look it up in a dictionary. 如果你有不識的字, 可以查字典。
    • 4. 拜訪 I have promised to look him up the next time I go to town. 我答應下次進城時去看望他。



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    • 查字典的查:look up的用法?

      look up:查閱 大大說的兩種方法都可行喔! ex: I looked up the new word in a dictionary. = I looked the new word up in a dictionary...

    • 關於look it up`(英文)

      那是因為Look upup 為界副詞~ 若受詞為代名詞,則要用 Look it up...動詞沒有受詞,也就沒有所謂可分開或不可分開的疑慮,例如:get up(起床)、go out(出去)、show off(炫耀)、take off(起飛)。

    • look uplook for 使用上有何差別?

      look up:1.改善/好轉.例句:Things are looking up!情況正看好!        2.查閱.例句:Look up the word in the dictionary.翻翻字典查一查這個詞.look for:1.尋找.例:look for a...