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  1. looks

    • look的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • vi.
    • These flowers are good to look at. 這些花很好看。

      What are you looking at? 你在看什麼?

    • vt.
    • Please look what time the plane takes off. 請留心飛機起飛時間。
    • n.[C]
    • Kris took another look at herself in the glass. 克蕾絲又對著鏡子照了照自己。
    • adj. (常用以構成複合詞)有……樣子的,看上去……的

    • look的動詞過去式、過去分詞

    • comb. (構成形容詞)表示外觀……的(如:strange-looking相貌陌生的)

    • vi.
      看; 裝作沒看見
    • I waved at you, but you weren't looking 我向你揮手,可你卻沒注意

      oh, look! 哦,瞧!

    • vt.
    • to look sb. (straight) in the eye 直視某人

      I'll never be able to look her in the face again 我永遠都無法再面對她了

    • n.
    • the church is worth a look 這個教堂值得一看

      one last look and then we must go 我們最後看一眼就得走了

    • npl.
    • good looks 美貌

      to keep/lose one's looks 容顏不改/不再

    • 看,望,瞧

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    • 看起來,像貌

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    • ph. 美貌;漂亮

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    • 看,查找

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  2. 知識+

    • 請問 look有什麼相關片語

      look about 四處觀看 look about for 到處搜查 look after 照顧 look ahead 瞻前;未雨綢繆 look alike...look around 觀光;仔細察看 look as if 看起來好像 look at 看;注視 look away 轉臉看別處 look back 回想;追憶;畏縮 look back on 回憶 look...

    • look 疑問~

      look 後面要加現在進行式 可是為什麼也可以不加,如下: Look! He likes the picture. 答:1.如別人...如果題目換成: 我當時看到他在接球. 即 I looked he was catching the ball. 這時候就...

    • Looking forward 還是Look forward

      Looking forward 、Look forward 跟Looked forward 各用在哪個時態呢 Looking...分詞構句, 常見於早期商業書信的信尾客氣致候句, 就是採分詞構句的形式, 例如: Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we remain yours faithfully. 靜候回音同時...