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    • 請問spending looming large是何意?

      不知道slowing spending looming large over the market是甚麼意思。 是很簡單吧? "; 雖然面臨日圓升值及市場上spending looming large趨緩的制肘 這裡也翻譯不對!應該是: 既使...

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      ... twenties had come to a close,that deadline of thirty had loomed over me like a death sentence, and I discovered that I ...

    • 拜託幫忙修正英文翻譯>>英翻中<勿用翻譯軟體>>

      ...知道我死定了。 The monstrous wave seemed to come from nowhere, suddenly looming over my frail boat like a row of three-story houses. 那不知來自何方令...