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  1. loosen up

    • ph.
      使鬆弛;變得較自然; 變得不拘束
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使鬆弛 The runners are just loosening up before the race. 賽跑者正在做賽前鬆弛肌肉的運動。
    • 2. 變得較自然; 變得不拘束 Loosen up, this isn't a formal occasion. 隨便一些, 這不是正式場合。
  2. 知識+

    • 英文翻譯 loosen up

      loosen up 有鬆弛 或不拘束的意思 所以應該是: 我想她需要放清鬆一下

    • can後面竟然加to-v??!!(10點)

      loosen (sb) up (RELAX) phrasal verbto start to feel less embarrassed and to become more... quite nervous at the beginning of the meeting, but he soon loosened up.例句: A gin and tonic will loosen you up.看上面英英字典解釋, 這是個動詞...

    • 變更方便的動詞哪個較適當

      ...變得", then you will have lots of of them, for examples: loosen up: 變得較自然 freshen: 變得精神煥發 smarten up: 變得漂亮瀟灑 greatern: 變得偉大...