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    lose consciousness

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    • 翻一個英文句子,只要意思清楚就好

      when a person suddenly loses consciousness, a bystander is not expected to diagnose the problem but to attempt to counter...

    • 請問going under是什麼意思?

      going under 是船下沉的名詞 n : (of a ship) sinking go under 當動詞用的時候 有三種意思 1. 失敗,被擊敗 To suffer defeat or destruction; fail. 2. 昏倒,失去意識 To lose consciousness 3. 下沉 to sink

    • 英文句子 不是表面的那種意思

      ... in no time." 11.Black out If you black out, you lose consciousness.族繁不及記載請詳讀 圖片參考: