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    • 關係代名詞一問 where/which

      ... live in a city ______ has lots and lots of people. It's not a good idea to drink water... city where we live has lots and lots of people. 為何會有兩個寫法呢? 重點在於要強調的...

    • 請問very much和a lot

      ...不可用very much) 正式的公文或制式文章最好不要使用a lot。 Although a lot of and lots of are very common in speech and writing, they still have an...

    • 請幫我看看我的英文興趣自傳~

      ...甚麼耶???? 其實我已經把您上一句改了,所以我想您只要再上一句尾加 "and lot of the resources." I like to surfing ON the ...