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  1. loudest

    • loud的形容詞、副詞最高級
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    • Actions speak louder thanwords

      ... English:Actions speak louder than words.used to say that you are...louder than words. "Actions speak louder than words" means that if you want people...

    • loud 與 loudly

      I speak loudly = 我講話是很大聲的 I speak loud = 我大聲說話 do you understood ? 2009-04-08 12:35:09 補充: 靠北…我打反了? 2009-04-08 12:36:01 補充: I speak loudly = 我大聲說話 I speak loud = 我講話是很大聲的

    • 我要Dreaming Out Loud的中文翻譯歌詞

      Dreaming Out Loud(勇敢夢) Well hello sir 您好 先生 We look for... 不要讓任何人喚醒我 I'm dreaming out loud (Dreaming out loud) 我正在勇敢作夢 (勇敢夢) And...