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  1. love token


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    • 英文高手幫幫我 幫我翻成中文XDD

      love token = 愛情紀念品 = (英文定義: keepsake given as a token of love ) give away = 送給別人 (英文定義: bestow as a gift) I am a love token please do not give me away. 我是愛情紀念品,請不要把我送給別人。

    • A Valentine to my wife翻譯贈20點

      ..., dear girl, this little token, 接受吧,親愛的女孩,這個小小...的邊界間 You'll find the love I've often spoken...等著你來到 So take, dear love, this little token, 所以拿走吧, 親愛的,這個小小...

    • 英文作業不會,請幫忙

      ...)police (D)press d/5()Lovers usually give each other a pressent as a token of love on ______. (A)Christmas Day (B)Thanksgiving...