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  1. love-in-a-mist

    • n.
      a Mediterranean plant of the buttercup family, that bears blue flowers surrounded by delicate threadlike green bracts, giving a hazy appearance to the flowers.
    • noun: love-in-a-mist, plural noun: love-in-a-mists

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      ...我的血管 couldnt sustain, her love i had to obtain 無法忍受, 我必須得到她的愛 she always in ma mind like a lovely refrain/ 她一直在我的心上 a shining light, outta tha mist 她出現像是一道閃亮的光從霧裡...

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      ... mist ;I love Englands green , green grass... think it is a very charming place. ...lot of stories to tell. Mist usually appears in early morning of England...

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