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  1. low oxygen

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    • 1. 低供氧;氧氣不足 All divers must beware of low oxygen situations. 所有潛水伕都必須小心低供氧的情況發生。
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    • 脊髓損傷復健英文解釋怪怪的

      ... et al. [23] also provided data that subjects have 40% lower oxygen consumption during stepping with Lokomat assistance compared to...

    • Respiratory System

      ... hemoglobin made by a fetus binds oxygen more strongly at low oxygen levels than normal hemoglobin. 在低的含氧量, 胎兒所產生的血紅素比正常...

    • 生物實驗的英文很不流暢

      ... to testing silverfishs' activeness and mortality rate under the low oxygen nitrogen suuplied systems. Moreover it attempts to find out...