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  1. low-priced

    • adj.
      not costing a great deal; inexpensive;offering inexpensive goods or services
    • 釋義


    • 1. not costing a great deal; inexpensive low-priced goods
    • offering inexpensive goods or services a low-priced supermarket the competition of low-price airlines
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    • IPA[ˌlōˈprīst]


    • adj.
      not costing a great deal; inexpensive: low-priced goods

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • lowest prices

      ...像low就是原級了 舉例說明會比較清楚 -------------------------------------------------------------------- low prices---------低價格 lower prices-------較低價格 lowest prices...

    • 請問priced詞性

      This is the lowest priced, highest valued laptop available...補充: 被定價最低,被評價最高的....=the lowest priced, highest valued 原說明錯漏了...

    • 這一題英文文法的答案是什麼?why?

      答案是: 1) the lowest possible price possible 是形容詞,形容 price。 如果一定要把 possible 放在 lowest 前面,那基本上,就是要形容 lowest ,那就要改成副詞,整句成為 the possibly lowest price。 這樣清楚嗎?