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  1. lower

    • IPA[ˈləʊə]


    • v.
      move (someone or something) in a downward direction;make or become less in amount, intensity, or degree
    • verb: lower, 3rd person present: lowers, gerund or present participle: lowering, past tense: lowered, past participle: lowered

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      你查不到lowest的原因很簡單 因為est是最高級! er是比較級~如果單字很長..前面則會加more 像low就是原級了 舉例說明會比較清楚 -------------------------------------------------------------------- low prices---------低價格 lower prices-------較低價格 lowest...

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      Please keep your seatbelt fastened low (i.e. across your hips) and tight when seated at all times...