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    • 使卑劣的,減弱體力的,昏暗的
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    • Lowered expectations 是啥意?

      降低了的 期望 已經降低期望的意思 Low 低 Lowered 降低了 expectation 預期或 期望 希望有幫到你!~ 2008-08-02 15:10:19 補充...

    • Lowered lashes, very suitable.

      ... grief-stricken expression in the mirror. Quivering lip, excellent. Lowered lashes, very suitable. Claire對著鏡子演練了一下哀痛欲絕的神情...

    • 英文~簡短的句子請幫我翻譯?

      Feeling disappointed,the girl lowered her head. 這句是Because the girl felt disappointed, she lowered her head. 的簡化版本 所以我會翻成: 那女孩因為感到沮喪,所以低著頭。