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  1. loyalty card

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    • 請問loyalty card該怎麼翻譯?

      loyalty card or points 會員卡 要求有折扣 享有折扣 請參考此網站 So does CVS. So much so that they use discount cards...

    • 求助...英翻中,謝絕翻譯軟體的答案,謝謝

      麥當勞的問卷很小,並且很聰明的運用了小笑臉 BT打電話給他的顧客們來得到回應且推銷他們新的服務 除了他們的產品促銷外,Sainsbury(英國連鎖超商?)也使用顧客忠誠可來作他們的促銷活動。卡的持有者可能可以得到Legoland(樂高遊樂園)、Alton...

    • Paying For Goods And Services

      ...or store charge card if possible -if necessary, get just one credit card, avoid getting a number of them -do not...補充: 4. Advantages: A. -interest-free period -loyalty awards -temporary relief -good accounting ...