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  1. luggage van

    • n.
      a railway vehicle forming part of a passenger train and used for passengers' luggage, pets, bicycles, etc.
    • noun: luggage van, plural noun: luggage vans

  2. 知識+

    • American British 翻譯 20點 馬上要

      ...motorcycle : motorbike4.license plate : number plate5.intersection : junction6.baggage cart : luggage van (應該沒有t吧)7.bookstore : bookshop8.newsstand : the newsagent's (newspaper stand)9.stock : share...

    • 英式英文與美式英文的單字

      ...李標簽是baggage(luggage) tag,行李架是baggage(luggage) rack,行李車是baggage car(美國),或是luggage van(英國)。事實上,luggage這個詞用得比baggage更為廣泛。除了美國以外,大多數說...

    • 急!!!!!請幫我翻譯英文,到加拿大坐計程車用的

      ...種 我要到這個地方請問是跳表還是喊價? Please help me get a van taxi. Thanks a lot. I need one with large boot space for luggages, and not one with extra row of seats. I wanna go to xxx. Shall...