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  1. lunatic

    • IPA[ˈluːnətɪk]


    • n.
      a person who is mentally ill (not in technical use).;an extremely foolish or eccentric person
    • adj.
      mentally ill (not in technical use);extremely foolish or eccentric
    • noun: lunatic, plural noun: lunatics

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      ... to the mental disorders. They were treated as lunatics. It's really hurtful to realize that we didn't look for a better...

    • 史上超高級英文法

      No one, unless he be a lunatic, would do that. 除非是個瘋子, 沒有人會那麼做的. As long as it be fine...

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      ...) go crazy (Vph) 名詞或形容詞: insanity (n) madness (n) lunacy (n) mania (n) lunatic (adj) (n) maniac (adj) (n) 還有其它字,想到再補充。 得了;罹患: contract 為佳...