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    • lunch bar 到底什麼意思?

      你想問的應該是 lounge bar 吧 LOUNGE就是時尚 LOUNGE就是品味 LOUNGE...舒服、完全relax,就像回到自己家裡一樣...反正想要高級一下,去lounge bar就對了..不過消費有點高! 就是指“浪居”,Lounge兼具動詞...

    • 用英文介紹一下stinky tofu

      ... at roadside stands or in night markets, or as a side dish in lunch bars. Despite its strong odor, it is enjoyed by people who...

    • 英文的解釋

      ... at night markets or roadside stands, or as a side dish in lunch bars. Wide regional and individual variations exist in manufacture and preparation...