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  1. lyric writer

    • n.
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    • 【字典】請問網路上有沒有「古英文用字」字典? ※20點

      沒有看到中文直接翻成古英文的, 但現代英文跟古英文 代換的網站很多. 我找了幾個: 不過我不確定用古英文來...

    • Themes About a song--有些長

      ...great song. 2. Give 3 things, events, or ideas that writer of the song includes in the lyrics . and why u think the song writer include this? how to understand the difference between ...

    • 幫我檢查這篇英文的文法謝謝20點

      Don Henley, who is one of the members , the writer and the major singer of the song, said that the content of the lyrics reflected the cruel reality they have to face for their living...