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  1. as mad as a hatter

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    • 幫我翻義一下~英文

      ...feather 輕如鴻毛,非常輕   as like as two peas (in a pod) 一模一樣   as mad as a hatter/a March hare 瘋狂的,精神錯亂的,瘋瘋癲癲的 (像三月交配期的兔子...

    • 請幫我翻譯這則新聞 謝謝

      ... Lovett 陪同作為3月野兔和演員Oliver Platt 作為Mad Hatter 。 Johansson, 22, 被拍攝作為灰姑娘在女恩人治療以後, 佩帶一件設計師...

    • 請用英文介紹一個人成功的經歷 SIGGRAPH 97 we presented the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a shared virtual environment experienced...from these experience, how these experience have enhance you as a whole....and so on.