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    • 長官,法官,推事
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    • "Magistrate"與"Mayor"這兩字有什麼不同嗎?

      Magistrate"與"Mayor的同意之處都是地方官員 MAYOR是都市首長...在英語字典中具有地方官員(首長)和法官的意義 a civil officer charged with the administration of the law. a minor judicial officer...

    • 輪值法官是Majest?

      magistrate 也可以,是比較地方的法官 一般法官就是 judge. 也有稱為 magistrate judge 輪值法官:duty judge 或 judge on duty 美國佛羅里達地方法院的輪值法官時間表...

    • 中翻英!問句與答句!(贈20點)

      ...作法? Q: The local residents thought the sentence by the magistrate was too severe, and what about the pinions of others? Were...